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Researcher Coordinator

· Full-time

About The Position

We are looking for a research coordinator to work in medical centers, assist with managing the clinical

data and with the research collaboration.


  • Liaison between the medical center and Imagene AI
  • Process clinical samples including sample handling and data processing
  • Data acquisition from medical reports
  • Clinical, pathological and molecular data entry into databases


  •  An academic degree in biological or medical sciences
  •  Familiarity with pathology and/or molecular reports is highly beneficial
  •  Ability to understand and apply guidelines for data entry
  •  Ability to work independently
  •  Ability to work in a team and communicate efficiently with manager/team members
  •  Fluent in written and spoken English – a must
  •  Fast learner

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About Imagene

Our mission is to assist cancer patients in receiving the optimal treatment medicine can offer. we leverage AI to detect, in real-time, a broad range of cancerous biomarkers and genomic insights from the biopsy image alone. By doing so, we overcome economical, logistical, and technological barriers to reach the full potential of precision medicine for cancer patients.

Through global collaborations with top-tier medical centers and pharmaceutical companies, Imagene AI is revolutionizing molecular screening for both clinical practice and research.

Our success derives from our cutting-edge technology and talented multidisciplinary team of biologists, doctors, data scientists, software engineers, business experts and more.