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Medical Data Annotator (PT)

· Part-time

About The Position

Imagene is hiring a medical data annotator to structure clinical and pathological information of patients to capture the data into our database. The environment is exciting, fast-paced and this position offers the opportunity to support cutting-edge technology work. Imagene is working with some of the largest players in the health space, thus you’ll have the opportunity to impact many people’s lives.


●       Manually generate annotation based on clinical and pathology reports

●       Provide feedback to further develop the annotation database

●       Work under limited supervision


●       MD, after internship

●       Ability to work in a team 

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About Imagene

Imagene develops an AI platform for biomarkers identification and response prediction that delivers real-time molecular analysis using only a digitized biopsy image.

We drive a new approach for treatment response prediction that encapsulates the uniqueness of each patient, bringing cancer care closer to reaching the full potential of precision medicine.

Imagene's technology classifies patterns that cannot be seen by the human eye, evolving genomics, proteomics, and spatial insights to understand better the recurrence of specific cancers and their resistance mechanisms; this enables better stratification of patients in clinical trials and the discovery of novel targets for new drugs. Imagene collaborates with top-tier medical centers and pharmaceutical companies worldwide to improve the overall quality of care and accelerate the drug development process.

Our success derives from our cutting-edge technology and talented multidisciplinary team of data scientists, biologists, software engineers, and medical experts.