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As the race to develop targeted therapies continues, pharmaceutical companies seek to create a competitive advantage by developing new treatments for actionable biomarkers.

The clinical trial's success is strongly dependent on a company's ability to recruit eligible patients with a higher predictive responsiveness factor.

It is estimated that up to 80% of clinical trials fail to meet enrollment timelines, while 26% of rare diseases trials are terminated because of low accrual rates

lmagene is pharma's first choice for an optimized drug development, clinical trials design and enrollment,
and companion diagnostics solutions

Our offering


Optimized clinical trial enrollment, design, and success

  • Speeding up and reducing the costs of patient enrollment
  • Tissue-independent molecular profiling for patient stratification
    and trial design optimization
  • Theragnostic biomarker discovery

AI-enabled Companion Diagnostics for Precision Oncology

  • AI-driven molecular testing models as companion diagnostics
  • Democratizing personalized medicine and allowing oncologists to initiate targeted therapies sooner

Drug Development Optimization

  • Identifying new biomarker targets and predicting responsiveness to treatments
  • Overcome data dependencies by employing proprietary AI algorithms using unsupervised learning and synthetic data generation